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RIP Vinnie Paul. He passed away on Friday, June 22, 2018. You will be missed. Have a Black Tooth with Dime for me. :-(

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From L to R they are Dimebag Darrel, Phil Anselmo, Rex, and Vinnie Paul
Click here for my review of the June 22, 2001 show in Philadelphia.

INTERVIEW with Phil - June, 2001

Click above for the recent interview with Phil.  Some of what they discuss were
his drunken rampages while in Australia, specifically the Melbourne show.

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The Pantera Collectibles section is HIGHLY recommended. It contains tons of GREAT information about albums, singles, bootlegs, and more!  I trade CDRs of live Pantera, Zeppelin, etc shows, which can be accessed on the CDR Trading page.  The Pantera Pics I Took are a few pictures from when Pantera was in Cherry Hill, NJ for a record signing.   The Glam Era Albums show pictures of the 4 albums from before CFH.  The Modern Albums area has info about the CFH and later era.  The Pantera Links are some high quality Pantera related sites. Feel free to take some Pantera Surveys or sign the Guestbook, and let me know what you think of my site!  I've recently added Lyrics to as much as I could get.

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This has always been a popular section of my website, so I'm keeping it on the front page.
This picture is the original cover for the Far Beyond Driven album. It was released in Australia, but never released in the US.
Click on the smaller picture on the left to get a full screen view.

Original from Australian Release

It was later changed to the above Main Page