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I am NO LONGER interested in trading Metallica bootlegs CDRs.  They are a bunch of sell-outs and I'm disgusted with them.  I will NEVER buy anything they put out (all the new stuff is garbage anyway), and will never go to another concert they have.  FUCK Metallica.  I am looking for PANTERA, but have a few Metallica shows to trade.  I expect DAO, and a decent name brand CD.  E-mail me  if you are interested in trading.  I'll update this page with what artwork I have shortly.  E-mail me if you are wondering about anything listed here, including artwork.

Oakland, August 31, 1985 (1 CDR) - rated A

"Live Fast, Die Young"

Rockslide Festival - July 6, 1986 (1 CDR)
Philadelphia Spectrum - April 7, 1992 (1 CDR)
The above 2 shows are part of a 2 CD set I have.  The Philly show is definitely not complete since I was there in the front row and they played for almost 3 hours that night.

Artwork available here

"Stone Cold Crazy" - Minneapolis, August 11, 1991 (2 CD)

"In the Flesh" - Portland, May 1, 1992   (2 CD)

Montreal, QC - 02/12/1993 (2 CDR) - rated A+

"Devil's Dance" - Stockholm Sweden, November 11, 1996 -2 CDR-NON-DAO

Black Album Demos & "One" demo - on my copy of Garage Days and more. (1 CD)

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