Shitty Traders

The following list is a list of SHITTY traders that are unable to make decent discs.  I have not been ripped off where someone hasn't sent me discs (yet), but these are traders that haven't been able to send me flawless discs.  It's not a case of them warning me ahead of time, and letting me know that there were issues.  In 2001, ALL new traders I've run into have been sending me discs with pops between tracks, small gaps, or even worse.


The first guy here is clueless.  There are some transcripts of e-mails that have been sent back and forth.  He said that it wasn't his fault that the discs he sent me had problems.  His CD-Writer made the errors.  That's the part of the process you control, and this guy just didn't get it.  HE was introducing the errors.  He is responsible for his CDR drive.  Click
on his name for more details.

Aryan Nawim - or - San Antonio, TX

The next guy was slow to start, and he sent me discs that weren't just flawed between tracks, but were totally screwed up.  The only positive thing about this guy is he sent me very good artwork, but that doesn't make up for the fucked up discs.  I did a trade with this guy for 3 Cds and 3 blanks in exchange for me doing 3 CDs and burning shows onto his 3 blanks.  The copy of Reinventing the Live he sent he had pops/clicks ALL throughout Primal Concrete Sledge and Cowboys From Hell.  The show sounded great - even the DAO before those songs was good, but the discs were totally fucked.  Another show he sent me was Vulgar Display at Newport.  Those discs had 0.2-0.5 second gaps between each song.  I tried removing the gaps, but the songs didn't line up exactly so it sounds like there is a pop between them.  The other CD - Pain - sounds OK.  It cuts out between some songs, but I have a feeling that is from the original CDs.  Still, with the other shitty discs I got, I have no idea.  I e-mailed him about this problem, and never heard back.  I waited a month, still no answer.  So I sent him back 2 of the 3 discs he sent me, and burned his 3 blanks and another 1 with some of the shows he wanted.

Jay Ward - - Bayonne, NJ

This guy just sends out tons of flawed CDs.  He even sells them on Ebay.  God bless the fools buying the fucked up CDs from him.  Every disc that we've received from him as a gap (which sounds like a pop/tick) between EVERY track on EVERY CD.

Sammy Scheck- - Ottawa, Canada

More to come after I exhaust my attempts to rectify the situations......

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