CDR Trading Rules

1.  Song Quality - NO NO NO MP3 derived recordings!!!! Also, you must be able to use DAO (disc at once - no 2 second gaps).  If there are problems with your source CD, let me know ahead of time.  I always do that for any requests you make of mine, and usually, I have something posted with the show saying that it's less than perfect.

2.  CDR Quality - I use Mitusi CDRs, the highest quality CDRs that are available.  I expect a decent CDR to be used by you.  I want to know what kind you'll be using.  If you don't have access to high quality CDRs, I also have the 20 cent budget brand variety that I can use.  The brands of CDRs I recommend are:  Mitsui, Kodak (w/Infoguard), and TDK.  If the CDR happens to be 80 minutes, I'd be willing to overlook the CD Brand, since it's a pain to find the higher quality ones, especially in low quantities.  The only 80 min. CDRs that I have are low-quality either CompUSA or Memorex.

3.  Sale of CDs/Blanks & Postage - I do NOT do 2:1 or blanks + postage trades right now.  I also do NOT sell CDs.

4.  Artwork - I try to post all available artwork I have on my web site.  If you have any available, I'd prefer it in a high resolution digital format.  I do not have access to a decent printer here, so I can't really generate decent artwork on paper.  If you only have the capabilities to put it onto paper yourself, that would also be fine.  Artwork is not a requisite for a trade, but it's definitely appreciated.

5.  Sending CDRs - Due to the volume of random traders I've had requesting trades, I'm going to follow theses rules.  I'm not out to screw anyone and have plenty of good trading references if you need any.  If I initiate the trade with you, I'll be more than happy to send out my discs first.  If you initiate the trade, I ask that you send first (unless we've traded before).  I've only run into 1 bad trader, so this isn't due to that, but since I've been getting more requests from all kinds of people, I'm going to start following this rule.  I prefer not sending case's, unless it's only 1 or 2 discs.  Just make sure they are packaged safely and securely.

6.  Bad CDRs - If I ever  send a "bad" CDR to you, let me know, and I'll figure out what the problem was and resend the show.  I always try to let you know if there are imperfections with any of the shows you've requested, but there's always a chance there's something I haven't heard on some of the shows.  I haven't had any imperfections introduced from my system (YET) and I use a Maxtor 4x/12x SCSI CDR Drive.  It does EXCELLENT DAE (Digital Audio Extraction), so if there's a problem, it's most likely due to the source CD I've used, but you never know.   I'll check my source disc to see if it has the problem(s) before reburning, or I can offer an alternative.  I also expect the same treatment in return.

7.  Good Traders -After we've traded a few times, I'll be more than willing to put a link up to your list on my web-site under the Good Traders list.

8.  My Interests - Currently, I've stopped trading for Metallica.  They are a bunch of greedy bastards.  If you want my opinion on them, CLICK HERE for a page I setup dedicated to this fact.   I'm looking for ANY Pantera shows that I don't already have, as well as any recent Ozzy/Black Sabbath from Philadelphia, or possibly a few shows from their recent tours.   I'm pretty saturated with Page/Plant & Zeppelin shows, but I am still looking for some of the recent Page/Black Crowes shows.  There are occassions where I might be interested in something else, so just send me your list and I can let you know.

9.  Questions - Feel free to ask me any questions.  I have an entire page dedicated to existing shows with reviews, and notes for my all kinds of Pantera shows.  I'm more than willing to give advice and stuff about what shows to get, whether or not you're trading with me.  If you have any questions about setting up a trade with me, e-mail me!

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