Kanged.com Good Trader List

Last updated on 02/23/05

Here's a few people that I've traded with and definitely recommend.  I've included a link to their lists.

Dinkk - Pantera, Black Sabbath, Ozzy, Metallica, and More

Charlie / alt-email - Pantera 

Snipe - Zeppelin, Page/Plant, Guns N Roses, and more

Flathead - Zeppelin, Page/Plant, and More

Zbird - Zeppelin, Page/Plant, Pink Floyd, and More

Perb - Zeppelin, Page/Plant

b_jantau - Zeppelin, Pink Floyd

Tom Peterson - Zeppelin, Page/Plant

Bit1Bit - Zeppelin, Page/Plant, and more

Junglerot - Pantera, Ozzy, Slayer, and more

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